New Habits It takes work to build your way up to success. Success is a habit, and in order to become...

New Habits

 It takes work to build your way up to success. 

Success is a habit, and in order to become successful, you have to work on building new habits to replace the habits that have repeatedly inspired failure. 

Your little daily habits for success are the building blocks for the big, overall enjoyed Success. 

Today’s new habit:

I’ve gone back to making lists. 

Today, I made a list of all of the tasks I wanted to achieve. I didn’t rely on my memory. I relied on seeing it all laid out before me. I didn’t do anything fancy, either. I simply used the Reminder App on my iPhone.

I kept looking at the list throughout the day and imagined myself completing all of the tasks. I decided to feel good about completing everything. I decided to become excited about making the most of my time. 

It felt really great to click on my completed tasks: Going to the gym, taking my daughter to swim and to tutoring, making dinner, rehearsing songs, and more. I was able to really focus on the little steps I needed to take to achieve my big goal, which is currently to improve my voice and my body so that I can be the best at my Selena Tribute act while also being an excellent and supportive mommy to Cammie, while also expanding as an artist and a musician, and maintaining my home. 

It’s pretty amazing what a simple list made at the beginning of the day can do. 

I have also started reading affirmations every day. 

Whatever negative beliefs I have noticed I have in my mind, I have decided to make a list of opposite beliefs affirming the opposite. 

For example, I am currently working on changing the belief that I am always late. I know that in order to move forward as an artist and professional singer, I must be punctual. However, it has always been my struggle to be on time to my commitments. So every day, I read the affirmation, “I am always punctual.” Even when I start feeling anxious about being late, I instead take a breath and repeat in my head, “I am punctual.”

You can do the same. Pay attention to the negative thoughts and beliefs swimming around in your head. Once you identify them, I want you to list them and then take each belief and affirm the opposite. 

For example, beliefs such as “I never do anything right” or “I always procrastinate” will now become “I always do my best, and my best is good enough” and “I always begin my tasks right away, pace myself and finish them long before they are due.” 

Many of us feel like we are not “enough.” This feeling is not yours. This feeling was a belief that someone gifted you long ago that you now carry with you. It is not your birthright. Of course, you are good enough. You are here. That in itself shows that you are enough. 

So next time you feel you aren’t beautiful, smart, wise, thin, or whatever enough you can think of…TELL YOURSELF, 

“I approve of myself.”

“I love myself.”

“I am enough.”

“I have enough.“

I dare you to challenge those negative beliefs you harbor. I dare you to face them with positivity. Hold them up to the light and watch those shadowy beliefs disappear. You are loved, and you are what we are waiting for.

Make it a habit to feel good about yourself, my darlings. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a helping hand. 

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