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New Goals

Last night I had dinner with one of my new favorite people and I shared my new goals for this week with him.

There we sat, having vegan versions of our favorite Thai dishes (finally, a vegan male friend who’s taller than me, good looking, physically fit, creative, confident, intelligent, charming and spiritual) and I affirmed that I wanted to go back to the gym, get in the studio and return to practicing the piano.

“I can help you with all those things,” he said.

I laughed, but it pleased me to know that someone could be so interested in helping me with my personal growth, without a second of hesitation.

But I wanted to show myself I could do it on my own.

The Universe heard me loud and clear.

Today, I woke up and subbed for my old choir teacher at my Alma Mater, Norwalk High School, and I noticed that all of the students in her keyboard class were learning from a book that I used to own back when I’d briefly flirted with the idea of recommitting to learning how to play the piano.

I’ve had this desire for as long as I can remember. Probably since I learned how to write and since I started singing to people… The third grade?

(Remind me to tell y'all about the accordion story at a later time)

They were teaching themselves with her guidance and support… Her accountability via a grade and testing.

“I have more than enough talent, skill, self-discipline and time to dedicate the same amount of energy to learning to play as these high schoolers,” I thought.

I didn’t have this class available to me when I was in high school… But I’m a grown up now…. Just like I joined the book club and commit to reading daily…I can commit to mastering the instrument I’ve always admired.

So after school, after picking up Camille, after taking her to field training, after picking up Dymend and picking up Camille from training and taking her to tutoring, after paying my monthly fee and getting a workout on at the gym, after picking Camille up, after doing a quick grocery shop and dropping her and Dymend off, and after finishing my recording session for a new demo that will eventually become a new music video…I left my recording session with thirty minutes to spare, determined to make it to Guitar Center to repurchase this book and begin where I left off.

It’s never too late.

Parallels: My beautiful chocolate man of a friend was inspired to learn how to play keys because of Ray, the Ray Charles movie so brilliantly played by Jamie Foxx… And there sat the DVD at my teacher’s desk like the clearest sign, telling me “GO FOR IT” as all the students set up their personal keyboards and began practicing.

I realized it was true… All that’s ever standing in our way is our lack of self-confidence.

I don’t have to be that insecure girl anymore.

I know better now.

And I’m going for it.

So… Today, by virtue of simply setting my intentions and telling someone about them… Someone that I admire and use my word impeccably with…i was able to materialize an excellent start to my goals.

I was in the studio. I went to the gym. And now, I’m about to have a date with my ten-year-old keyboard… Happy birthday, baby 😂😂😂

It’s never too late!!!!!

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