Why I Started This Blog


Earlier tonight I told my friend I started a new blog (I have two others) and told her my intentions were pretty different for this one. She replied, “do tell….”

So, what are my intentions with this blog? Why am I giving my precious time to writing here?

This is how I answered her:

“I’ve made the decision to not pursue teaching full time. It hurts me even to say it but I simply love making music more and I know I’m never gonna reach my full potential with either if I stay on the fence for another year with both. So I’m documenting my journey as a hybrid teacher/singer and channeling my love of teaching into being an author and motivational speaker and truth teller via my writings, my music and my commitment to my career in music instead of being a body in a classroom with limited reach and resources. And I’m honoring the fact that I’m in the middle right now but I’m super excited about documenting my transition out.”

Honestly, it really got to me, the story in Think and Grow Rich in Chapter 2 about the warriors that burned their ships before entering battle in order to secure a victory mindset and manifest glory. It worked.

I thought about Eminem saying, “success is the only muthafuckin’ option, failure’s not.”

Look at his ass now.

I’ve been stagnant because I’ve always had a plan B. That was the whole point right? That’s what “they” told me to do. Go to college. That’s the backup plan. Get a real job, with benefits. Get an education and you’ll never be without opportunities.

You know what I’m certainly not without at this time?

Student loan debt 😂

This isn’t to knock my university education. I loved UCLA. I don’t think I would have graduated on time, even after getting pregnant my sophomore year, if I wasn’t truly passionate about school. I definitely love books and love learning.

But I’m ready to enter the school of hard knocks and make something of myself that a stamped piece of paper could never teach me how to be.

The best part is, I’m not alone on this mission this time.

I’ve got so much support and I’m excited about seeing my goals realized.

There ain’t no other option.

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