On Being Selena

On Being Selena

I try my hardest not to think about the fact that I don’t have ass like Selena and that my boobs are bigger than hers and that I don’t really look that much like her and that I don’t really have the dance moves all the way down and that I also have little back rolls that show when I wear my tailored Selena outfits.

I haven’t heard a single criticism from anyone about my interpretation of the Tejana icon, so why engage in negative self-talk? Of course, there’s always room for improvement. Of course, I am not gonna be just like her. There was only one Selena and there is only one me. I am merely interpreting Selena and I’ve always respectfully invited Selena’s spirit to help me channel her best toward her audiences. But I’m only me and every day I work hard at reminding myself that I AM ENOUGH.

This isn’t easy. Every day, I am bombarded with images and conversations that try to convince me otherwise. That’s why I stay away from insecure people. That’s why I silence shit talkers. That’s why I lift people up when they’re not feeling themselves. I am the person I’d like others to be towards me.

It’s not easy being an artist. You’re constantly battling your insecurities and giving yourself permission to express yourself, knowing full well not everyone will like it and that it may never be perfect. You simply must settle with it, and with you being GOOD ENOUGH.

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