I want to go on tour with my Selena Quintanilla Tribute Band, Dreaming of You.

I want to perform in stadiums, in festivals, in gigantic concert halls, all over the United States.

I want to wear her famous costumes.

I want to be known for best channeling her voice, and performance style.

I want to flawlessly perform the songs she was not able to perform from her crossover album.

Action Plan:

Watch Selena Quintanilla LIVE videos daily and learn how to mimic her performance style.

Memorize Selena’s repertoire

Go to the gym and to dance classes to prepare body for the tour and to develop her physique

Create Altar for Selena and ask for her assistance daily with realizing the goal.

Continue taking photos and videos of Selena tribute performances and posting them on the Internet

Talk daily to one new person about my goal.

Ready or not….

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